the 1988 masonic takeover of Australia by USA using British prize law

I dont know how this new blog sets itself up , but I shall make the law takeover of Australia the first blog for this site.

In 1986 the Australia Act was passed by the commonowealth parliament which was essentially a declaration of Independence. By Australia from England? no the people had little to do with it.

It was a declararion of independence from the masonic prime minister Bob Hawke and his masonic cabinet.

It was made with the full support of the queen and the British parliament who are presumably also masonic.

Its effect  was to rob Australians of all their rights and property , which were held and protected under British law. By abandoning that law.

Obviously the British would not protest as it was their brainchild. And so the Australia Act was passed through Australian and British parliament with little fanfare and no input  from Australians, to speak of.

This is how the Americans gave up their rights in 1776, freemasons taking over and speaking for everyone else .

Then 2 years after freemasons declared Australia had given up British law a new government was formed in Canberra.

The A.C.T. Self – government Authority

which was ostensibly a local government, to govern Canberra and its surrounds

but in fact was (imo) the vehicle through which the masons would takeover everything that had been abandoned under the 1986 Australia Act declaration of independence.

The laws that were used to form this local government can still be found online.

They are British laws.

Mostly Imperial Prize law.

When I first started researching this years ago I didnt know what Prize law was, in fact law itself confused me because it didnt seem to have any concrete foundations in reality.

But by the time I accidently stumbled across the laws used to form the A.C.T. self government Authority,  I had learnt enough about law that the use of Prize laws to form a new government stood out alarmingly.

They arent used for fun- they are used to take the A.C.T. as a Prize

If the Australia Act of 1986 was genuinely for the benefit of Australians, why then were British laws used to form government in Canberra 2 years later ?

Why then do British laws still apply in the A.C.T. but nowhere else in Australia?

And why are Prize laws used in Canberra at all ?

its a landlocked territory, the chances of pirates invading Canberra would  seem so miniscule as to not  warrant attention, let alone several Prize laws  and  Prize courts.

I would strongly  encourage any Australian interested in our law to read Chameleon Crown by Anne Twomey.

Its a book written by a Sydney law professor for people who don’t understand Australian law.

It explains how the states have a seperate law from the commonwealth in Australia and are under the British directly.

I dont know how many times Ive heard well meaning Australians champion the Australian constitution in ignorance of this  historical fact ,and rather than take the time to learn the basics, get angry at anyone who doesnt share their ignorance of Australian history .

Centralisation of power is usually a bad thing in practice, so why people want the law to say we are under a federal parliament  constitution , escapes me. Perhaps its the influence of American culture?


Anyhow here is the link to  the laws used to form the A.C.T,- Self Government Authority

and here are those laws copied from that ‘government’ website


I have learnt from experience that people seem to black out mentally when you discuss law, so that might be enough law for the reader to digest for one blog

I will show the reader  something very intersting, which I consider to be proof that my theory is actually fact.


It’s a declaration we must make when we use commonwealth government services these days in Australia. Its is hidden in the terms & conditions that  noone ever bothers to read. And this is current, people are ticking this box all the time oblivious of the gravitas.

Ok I just read the link I had to the terms and conditions and they have changed.


It used to say — under 7.1  in its conditions of use that by agreeing to these terms you agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the A.C.T. Self Government Authority

but obviously someone in the masons or the ‘government’ has read my blog and changed the terms and conditions

Now under 8.2 of terms and conditions it states’

8.2 Law relating to these terms of use

Any legal questions about these terms of use will be decided by applying the laws of the Australian Capital Territory, Australia (ACT).’

That wording isnt as obvious as it was last year, but whilst it doesnt have quite the drama of the initial admission  I should imagine it has the same weight in law.

Bear in mind A.C.T. is a little area which had been traditionally governed by the federal government . In 1988 the self government authority was formed ostensibly to act as a state government might . But are we all being conned to be  under its control?

Perhaps some mason somewhere decided Australians are so stupid they dont know the difference between federal and local jurisdictions if you use the same physical area.

Why do they insist we tick these agreements I wonder?


Australian citizens  were equivalent with British Subjects in law until the Australia Act ( British Subject Act 1958 cth- not online)-

For example I was born in 1969 so my status as an australian citizen was the same as british subject status at that time

However as of 1986 my status as an Australian citizen was no longer equivalent with british subject status in law.

So the masons  seem to be  sorting the wheat from the chaff with these litle agreements we tick or sign.

We have rights as British subjects- we have none as citizens






3 thoughts on “the 1988 masonic takeover of Australia by USA using British prize law

  1. I believe Freemasons are up to their eyeballs in this fraud and treason. However bare in mind that Hawke is also a Fabian like all Labor big wigs.
    It all traces back to the Vatican anyway.


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